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Torre Milano

Finding the words for a brand new building complex in the center of Milan.


Role: Copywriter
Client: Impresa Rusconi
Year: 2019

Torre Milano is a 25-storey residential tower in the process of being built in the centre of Milan.

Approached by construction company Impresa Rusconi to help them market the apartments, I worked on the communication strategy, trying to get away from concepts such as emotion and exclusiveness – widely overused by the real estate industry – and focusing instead on the more contemporary values that the tower embodies, such as liveability and inclusiveness.

The core idea was that living in a residential tower today no longer means climbing the social ladder in an attempt to outdo someone else, but rather witnessing and taking part in the organic growth of a community or a city. Following on from this idea, we chose the payoff  La città ti porta in alto, “the city elevates you”.

Copywriter: Lisa Cadamuro
Graphic Design: LS Design