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To say that the end result is what counts is just not true. Especially in design. A good designer is more concerned with the process; that winding, potholed road they embark upon every time they get a new job.


Role: Curator
Year: 2009-2012

Manifesto is a research project that brings together the personal manifestos of some of the smartest and most renowned international designers.

Whilst some of these statements are very well known, others were prepared exclusively for the project: some are programmatic pieces of writing, some are detailed work manuals. All are passionate tributes to graphic design, creativity and design culture.

Curated by me and design studio M-L-XL, Manifesto has taken multiple forms over the years, including a website, a book and an exhibition that travelled from Treviso, Italy, to Barcelona, Spain, and Jinan, China.

Among the authors of the manifestos are Ken Garland, Enzo Mari, Experimental Jetset, Milton Glaser, Bruce Mau, Stefan Sagmeister, Tibor Kalman. The introduction to the book was written by design critic Steven Heller.

Co-curators: Lorenzo Mason and Marco Campardo
Exhibition coordinator: Rujana Rebernjak

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