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Clothes for Humans

An encyclopaedia of vernacular apparel from around the world.


Role: Executive Editor
Client: United Colors of Benetton
Year: 2016-2017

In 2016, United Colors of Benetton expressed the desire to use COLORS’ editorial approach to give a new spin to their catalogues.

Working alongside members of the former COLORS team, I produced six issues of Clothes for Humans, a publication in which images from the United Colors of Benetton collections are accompanied by articles about vernacular apparel from around the world.

From the outfits of Congolese wrestlers to the pearl button-studded jackets worn by the working class people of London, from the Japanese zentai spandex bodysuits to the colourful tights found on the streets of New York, Clothes for Humans became a sort of encyclopaedia of global apparel.

The items we chose to feature were not selected for their aesthetic value, but rather because their meaning goes beyond style and interacts with other societal forces such as gender, identity, culture, politics and so on.

Distributed for free in two editions – Kids and Adults – and eight languages – English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, German and Russian – in Benetton stores worldwide, the magalog represented a generous approach to branded content. It was printed for four consecutive seasons.

My role in the project was coordinating the research, writing, editing and translation of the stories, while working alongside the photo editors and designers to showcase the content in the best possible way.

Editor-in-Chief: Patrick Waterhouse 
Art Director: Tim Wan 
Photo Editors: Sara Guerrini, Diego Orlando 
Writers: Sarah Souli, Elliot Hannon, Livia Albeck-Ripka, Violet Kim, Luiz Romero, Bobe Barsi