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25 Days

A 250-page book, conceived during a 25 days residency, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Italian denim brand GAS.


Role: Editor-in-Chief
Client: GAS Jeans
Year: 2009

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Italian denim brand GAS came up with the idea of setting up a residency inside their headquarters, inviting twelve creatives to delve into the brand’s essence and condense it in a 250-page book. I was selected as editor-in-chief.

Over the course of a manic 25 days, we rummaged through old archives, interviewed as many people as we could – from the seamstresses to the founder, from the shop assistants to the fashion designers and former testimonials – and came up with a 250-page publication. The titles of its nine chapters were also the bullet points of a future brand manifesto.

The process was a lot of fun and the final result is still, in my opinion, a good example of brand storytelling. 

Art Director: Lele Villari 
Project Manager: Erika Sartori 
Photo Director: Marco Mucig 
Graphic Designers: Alessandro Maffioletti, Eugenio Ormas 
Illustrators: Elena Xausa, Lorella Pierdicca
Photographers Makoto Nakashima, Sara Gentile 
Writer: Giacomo Cosua 
Videomaker: Sara Tirelli 

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